Time is the most precious thing in our life. It will never come back to you again. We should ask ourselves that are we spending or investing our time. So let’s see the difference between these 2. Whenever we invest our money in some venture we will definitely expect a return from it. But if we spent our money on buying a dress, we will never expect a return from it. In the same way if we invest our time we should see whether we get a return on the time we invested. When there is no return expected on time then it is spending time. Whenever we use time for receiving the return, it is investing time. Now investing time does not mean just the monetary benefits, it can be getting knowledge out of it or it can be getting some happiness out of it. If we received something good for the time we invested then it is investing time. If we simply waste our time then it becomes spending time. Just imagine it’s your vacation and it’s a time for your family. But you may spend your time on mobile or on your lap without giving time for your family that result in spending time. But if you call out your children and talk to them about their schools and other matters related to them, here you are investing a quality time on your children. It can benefit those children’s future so it is a great return. Most of the times we just try to spend our time. When you read a book and if you acquire some knowledge out of it, it’s investing time in reading. But if you just read a book without acquiring anything is spending time . Whenever you do something you should think whether you are spending or investing time. Try to invest your time always so that you get great returns in your life…stay blessed