Sahla Parveen is a renowned trainer and entrepreneur by passion & profession. To the minds of today who take the frantic search for secret paths that lead to success and happiness in life.

Sahla reveals the secret; the power of smile holds the key to open our mind’s door that would lead us to the path of success.

About Sahla

Motivational Speaker, Author, Trainer & Entrepreneur.

Sahla Parveen is an entrepreneur, trainer, success coach, author, and artist. Born in Kerala, she has fought her way up the ladder with sheer determination to become one of the leading international trainers. She is the managing director of Give and Grow global foundation and director of Haydays.

Well speaking of stars, that is what her name suggests too. The name Parveen means a ‘cluster of stars’. She has a deep inner desire to inspire others in a higher cause. Well, true to her name, Sahla, even from her graduation days has realized that her purpose in life is to share with others what she knows well. That has made her take up training from her college days itself, as she started training her fellow students and students from other colleges, and even held sessions for teachers too.


There are dreamers and then there are realizers. Sahla Parveen was a dreamer but she didn’t stop there. She chased her dreams and successfully realised every single one. That’s why she is a true realizer. And she doesn’t just want to sit there resting on her success, relaxing in the sunshine. She wants to spread the shine, share the secrets of how she accomplished it.

The Beauty of Purpose in Life is her way of doing it. Simply put, this is a book about dreams and how to realize them. An elevating story that features Sahla’s inspiring journey in life from the depths of dyslexia to the heights of entrepreneurship. It’s a journey where she learned something new at every turn that helped her to navigate the crossroads smoothly, never losing direction and reaching her destination safely. A journey that every one of you can complete if given the right amount of dedication and perseverance.


Give and Grow Global Foundation is headed by leading entrepreneur Abdul Karim Pazheri and managed by Sahla Parveen with a group of dedicated employees. The core purpose of G&G is to spread wisdom to the world and transform the lives of the people to achieve their life purposes. We offer a variety of training for different groups like entrepreneurs, professionals and for the students.

We always focus on converting your dreams into reality.

The process we follow include Identifying the core purpose of the Training requirement, finding out the perceptual problem and core issues, spotting the key Influencers, customizing the workshops, methods to reinforce, focusing the progress and impact of the workshop, taking feedback and working on Improvisation and creative methods post feedback


Email: sahlasmile@gmail.com

Booking Enquiries: +91-70251 62111